Its over a hundred years old, and at one time outnumbered the internal combustion engine nearly 3 to 1. So what happened? Was it big oil? or was it the automotive industry? Or was it the US consumer? Well to be quite honest we are complicit. Its a no brainer that the Oil industry has too much profit at stake to allow the electric car to gain a foot hold. But whats truly interesting is the Auto industries role in the sabotage of the electric car. GM’s EV1 is just an example. Why did GM really kill the EV1? GM claimed the car just did not draw the consumer support needed to keep it viable, those that actually built and sold the EV1’s in California said they couldnt keep up with the demand for the cars, and GM would not build more. In the three years of the EV1’s existence GM produced and leased 800

vehicles, before turning on it and devoured its own product. Why? The answer to me was quite apparent and something GM hadn’t completely appreciated until several months after the EV1’s hit the road. In the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car” some hip slick PR rep hired by GM says “GM would build a car that ran on Pig Shit, if they could sell it” and for the most part that is a true statement. However GM would not sell you a car that ran on pig shit if it was the last car you ever needed to buy, and thats exactly what an electric vehicle is. After six or seven months on the road GM had to realize that those cars were not being serviced at the dealerships, there was no need to service an electric motor. Whats the percentage of all new cars being serviced at the dealerships within 6-7 months after purchase. Now if Electric cars once again took over the ICE there are a whole lot of people who will lose. But isn’t that the same argument the companies that made buggies said about the automobile? and look at the jobs that boom created. Well that boom is over and the manufacturing base that drove the auto industry has all gone to India and China. And while we were told by the powers to be America’s future lays not in manufacturing, but in service and information technology and we would become world leaders in innovation once again. And thats all fine if your the size of say Ireland. We have a population of over 300million, we all can not be service techs and IT specialists or inventors and scientists. So how can electric cars bring us the next boom to our economy? It wont if we wait for Detroit and Washington to see the light of tomorrow. But we can make it happen for them. I’m talking about Electric Car conversions. Hundreds upon hundreds world wide have taken on these projects in their own garage with a high degree of success. And here is how converting your gasoline car into an electric car can not only turn the economy but also change your entire life. AAA claims that the average American drives 12,000 miles a year. I can not confirm that but having diligently tracking my own driving habits here is what I came up with. In the course of one year I drove a total of 16,237 miles. during the course of that year gasoline prices hung near or over $4.00 a gallon. Now since I drive a smaller car I get roughly 30 miles to a gallon. So if my math is correct thats 541+ gallons of gas which comes out to be $2164 dollars I spent in just one year in gas alone. So then I started looking the cost of keeping my gasoline car running over the course of that year. The cost of maintenance of the car totaled $850 dollars. That was a new exhaust, brakes tune up, and 3 oil changes. Granted most of those do not usually become an issue at the same time, but we all know how it feels when it does and we drive out of the garage feeling as if we had just been violated. So in the course of that year my 4cly 1996 Chevy Caviler cost me roughly $3064 dollars to operate, considering at this time I was barely making 20k a year thats a good chunk of my salary gone just maintaining my ability to get around on my own terms. But thats a cost I really could do without. So for me the solution is simple, build a cost effective, super efficient, extremely quick and agile, electric car. Call this My need to break free of our dependency of foreign oil, and all the ills that come with it. In time the more we push for electric now the sooner Washington will build and expand the infrastructure to accommodate a technology that will not go away.