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After 48 hours of testing the new experimental cap seems to be holding back all the oil from gushing into the Gulf. Thats good news. But not we’re not out of the woods yet.  The danger now is the fear of pressure building up behind the cap and blowing out the pipe under the sea floor. Making it near impossible to find and cap.  But for now lets take a collective moment and just thank the powers that be, that for now there is no more oil flowing into the Gulf.  Giving us just a little more peace of mind. And now that the largest environmental disaster in U.S. history is contained we all want to know whose ass do we kick? We start with BP. They ignored tons of warning signs from both their employees and their contractors. BP was far from truthful in their scope of the disaster and their ability to contain it. Not to mention that BP permit only allowed them to drill down to 18,500 ft. BP drilled to about 30,000 ft. Then we have the inspectors and government officials who didn’t know what was going on because they didn’t want to know. The government deregulated the industry. Pretty much begged BP to drill, and then turned a blind eye to the possibilities of a blow out. The same tired argument is playing out here that played out with the Exxon Valdez  disaster. The probability we will see another disaster like this again is very small. Anyone know how many more tankers have ruptured their hulls and spilled their oil since the Exxon? It’s a lot more than a few. So why is this allowed to continue? Simple the offending parties are the Big Oil Industry and the Big government Industry of the Republicans. How can we be 100% sure nothing like this will ever happen again? We can’t, the Government can’t guarantee it neither can the Oil companies. But we can if we just stop drilling.  I mean we have to be the Dumbest most ignorant Society in all the annals of history. I mean we extract the oil from the ground. Which alone costs tens of millions of dollars in man hours and equipment to accomplish. And we’re told we can’t live without it. Again Hemp has always been that wonder plant. The Hemp plant can be used to make over 25,000 products that are currently being produced with crude. This includes lubricants, fuel and most importantly plastics. Both the Biodegradable and non biodegradable kinds. Not to mention the plastic can also be made into high density plastic and can replace steel in many applications. The sad truth is crude replaced hemp in all these applications, nearly a hundred years ago. Why? Greed plain and simple. We can’t wait another 50 years, or until we completely deplete all the fossil fuels. We need to change it now. Its simple, by harvesting and refining hemp to produce those more than 25,000 products, we will put a lot of farmers back to work. Refiners would require new equipment, putting more people back to work. Will I see this in my life time? Not a chance.


It was bound to happen. The racist elements of the Tea Party Express came to light in brilliant display for all to see.  This coming from the founder of the Tea Party itself.  After a week of trading insults with the NAACP Williams posted extremely racist and stupid musings on his website, which has since been taken down and Williams has issued an apology.  But yet a much bigger concern for me is their collective attitude that only their opinions and needs mean anything.  And yet that still isn’t the biggest issues the party must face.  The Biggest issue they have as a collective is their own hypocrisy.  The Tea Party demands an immigration crack down. Yet a vast majority of the small and medium business owners are these same people clambering for reform. Reform would go a lot smoother if our businesses here would stop hiring illegal immigrants.  Then on top of all that these same people are fueling the growing animosity aimed at the Unemployed. Again how many jobs could we free up just by enforcing our borders and making our small and medium businesses hire only American citizens or those with proper work visa’s.  Just doing that would bring unemployment below the double-digit mark. Yet I do not see them knocking themselves over to get this done.  Besides border control and immigration, they strongly favor tax reform. This is tea party code for, leave Bush’s tax cuts alone, leave our tax shelters alone. Leave our tax loopholes alone.  The fact is for the last few decades maybe longer the tax burden has always been on the middle class.  Not by sheer number but by percentage of earning paid out in taxes.  The Tea Party does not want this to change.  In fact they want to pay less taxes than their paying now.  Here’s an interesting figure, for every 12 houses valued at 100,000 or less one is in fore closer. For houses valued at a million dollars or more that number is seven to one.  Yet these same people who make up the Tea Party are the ones pointing the finger at everyone but themselves. For years they paid virtually no taxes on their true worth, and claim the unemployed are leaching from the system. They Employ all the illegal immigrants the government fails to stop at the border, and point their fingers at us. They carried the majority of the debt when the markets crash and they blame the real tax payers of irresponsibility. Their excessive greed caused the market to crash and again they point their fingers at us. Its time to throw the brakes on this express and send it back to its berth.

Democracy: A system of Government where governing power is derived from the people either by direct referendum a direct democracy or through elected officials a representative democracy. We are obviously fall into the later category. Remember those big banks and hedge funds that got too big to fail? That’s what our government has become. Somewhere the balance of power was taken from the people and kept for the politicians.  But the problem in America, we are a diverse and complex society with a million conflicting needs and ideologies. Making it that much harder for us to unite as one and demand that our government start working for the people.  In order for that to happen some vital changes must be made. First and foremost. All politicians must respect and uphold the constitution. All current laws will be stricken and a new legal code will be adopted. All new laws will be written and recorded into public record in layman’s terms only.  The electoral Voting system must be removed, and all votes will counted. Never will a candidate win popular vote and lose an election. The voice of the people must be heard.  Elected representatives will freeze salaries of staff and representative until such time as a balanced budget can be passed. No elected representative or staff will receive free benefits and amenities, such as free health care, pension, travel expenses.  In times of crisis any major decision such as declaration of war, must be brought before public referendum. And the Will of the people must be enforced.  There are no such things as no bid contracts. All corporations who export American jobs and import foreign goods will pay substantial tariffs. Gas and Oil Companies must immediately comply with the Clean Air and Clean Water acts. The EPA must investigate each case of reported violations of the acts.  Financial institutions that misappropriate funds and go under, must be allowed to fail.  All tax shelters must be removed, and the wealthy need to start paying their full responsibility. There will be no exploiting loopholes.  Any violation of the spirit and intent which the law was written will be considered violating said law, and punishable by the terms of the act.  Power to impeach elected officials must rest withing the power of the people, by majority vote. All laws governing our lives and actions must be passed in referendum by the people. All budget issues and Foreign Aid grants must stop immediately. And must not continue until we have fixed our own financial mess.  We must close all foreign military bases and bring those soldiers back home and used to secure the borders. We must immediately cut our dependency on Oil and start rebuilding our infrastructure to accommodate new alternatives to crude oil.  These steps wont happen unless we the people demand they happen.  So how do we get the attention of a government that has turned a deaf ear to us far to often.  It’s obvious that voting them out of office and replacing them with other politicians does nothing to change the environment of politics. Armed insurrection is equally useless not to mention completely stupid.  We need a plan.  So I thought it through and the only weakness the government has that can be exploited is Money. Even in this pitifully weak economy we are keeping an infusion of money pouring into Washington daily. We need to cut off the gravy train. It has to be sudden and it has to be massively organized. But what we need to do is stock up for 2 months, everything you will need to make it through a whole month. Then in one voice we all stop spending. Not a single cent for a whole month.  The only way for the people to regain our power guaranteed us in the constitution we have to cut off they money supply, squeeze them out and make them accountable for the way they have run not only our economy into the ground but have destroyed the character of this Nation.  The best way to get even with a rich person is to make him a poor person.  And the only way to deal with a politician is to grind them into submission. We are the people of the United States, our four fathers never meant for Americans to live under these conditions.  We can change it if we’re brave enough to fight for what is right

The Simple Truth

As children our parents tried to instill in each of us to be honest and truthful to ourselves and those around us.  Being raised primarily by my grandparents I was always told that a measure of a mans character is no stronger than the mans words. And I believe that to this day.  And its this simple measure of character that got me thinking why we have such an obvious double standard. On July 9th border agents catch a man crossing into the States from Canada with other persons pass port. And upon further investigating find they man to be wearing an ankle bracelet. The suspect tells agents that a parole officer friend of his gave him the bracelet so he can sure support for Lindsey Lohan. The man is booked on several parole violations as well as Lying to the agents. And I agree that he should be charged with lying. But do you see the double standard? A another example of this double standard comes from a personal experience several years ago. My neighbor’s son was about 15, and one day the 15-year-old was shooting out car windows in our alley with his b.b. gun. The problem being we didn’t actually see him do it. One neighbor called the police and they came to talk to the kid. The officer having already been told that no-one had actually seen him do it. Told the kid at the top of his lungs looming over him, an inch from the kids face, that we had all seen him do it. The kid was so scared he couldn’t stop shaking but he wouldn’t admit to shooting the windows out. The the cop took another approach and told the kid if he confessed he wouldn’t be arrested. The kid confessed and was arrested, and charged with beyond the vandalism, with lying to a police officer and resisting arrest, which apparently you can do with out physically resisting. So even though the kid did shoot out the windows, He wasn’t the first teenage boy to do something incredibly stupid. Doing stupid things as a teenage boy is a rite of passage.  But what does this say about the character of the arresting officer? And what about our elected officials?  Lets go back to the months before the economic melt down. During the year or two leading up to the melt down, we all knew it was coming. Yet how many politicians (Democrat and Republicans) hedge fund managers, wall street brokers and bankers, were paraded in front of cameras and straight out lied about not only the stability of the markets, but the strength of currency and labor markets. Lied in front of millions, yet we put the same selfish lying stealing degenerates back in their offices.  We have forgotten that one key lesson, a mans character is no stronger than his word. And whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, a liberal or a conservative we can all see that our politicians have done nothing but lie to us. If their word is no good and none of us can say it is good, then the person is no good. Public Servants, elected or appointed should be held to a higher standard of accountability. And they should be held accountable for every lie they tell, from the big to the small. Terms such as Campaign Promises and Spin should be seen for what they are, Lies and nothing more.  It’s not too much to ask, I mean they have already taken the oath of office, they have already sworn to uphold the truth. They put their lying hands on the bible and took that oath. So why can’t we demand that they honor their oath of office or suffer the penalty of perjury?

Well I thought I had adequately put this to bed. However I underestimate the conspiracy minded. Let me stress this one point one last time. The galactic Alignment is a man-made quantitative.  What I forgot to mention in the previous post that this man-made galactic alignment, in which the earth and the sun are in some alignment with the center of our galaxy, and that does happen on this imaginary chart every 26,125 years. And since the Mayan Long count calendar is also 26, 125 years, (as there is no year 0) this has been the fuel of the doomsday conspirators since the cracking of the Mayan code. But whether this is coincidence or  intentional  still remains to be seen. But lets assume just for a second that the prophecies are true, that there is some kind of cosmic alignment, that the Mayans were aware of and had warned us about. Any such event if it is triggered by this sort of alignment would be happening twice a year every year without fail. As I said in the previous post. Observing from the Earth the sun passes this Galactic Equator twice a year, Winter and Summer Solstice.  So to be clear when the sun and the earth align on the winter solstice of 2012 we will still be 30,000 light years from the center of the galaxy, The super-massive black hole lurking in the galaxies center near Sagittarius will not pull us in or create extreme gravitational conditions that could trigger massive tectonic activity.  Now this leads me to address an email related to my previous post on 2012. Anonymous says that I have purposely omitted, two other possibilities surrounding  the 2012 phenomenon the first being the solar cycles. That we will be entering into what is a solar Maximum. This Solar Cycle takes approximately 11 years from max to the next. Though 11 years is far from exact. The next Solar Max is expected to arrive in 2013. But given the imprecision of the Solar Maximum it is possible that the next solar Maximum arrives in 2012, it’s just as probable to arrive in time for lunch this afternoon. But when it does it arrive there is no conceivable way for the Mayans to know this a few thousand years into the future.  However the concern with a Solar Maximum may not be completely unfounded. If experts are correct in calculations, this could be the strongest Solar Maximum since the mid 1800 when Northern Lights were seen as far away as Rome. The concern today of course is can our aging electrical grids be able to handle an intense electromagnetic storm that comes with the solar max cycles.  If the Grids burn out we will all be in the dark for quite a long time.  Again something that the Mayans could not Predict. Then there is the awakening of consciousness.  The idea here is that the crossing of the Galactic equator will trigger something within the dormant parts of the brain, and miraculously we will essentially rewire our selves and rise to a new consciousness. That all sounds great, I believe that a transformation like this is our only hope of survival as a specious. But I am also a realist. And that Humanity will not change, ever, unless we are forced to, and we would have to be forced by forces beyond our control. In order to bring about this awakening we would have to have a culling of humanity. The simple truth is we need Drastic events to trigger drastic action. And besides even if we accept for a second that some alignment will take place in 2012, we have no reason to believe that we will wiped out as a specious. If true that would mean that in the course of Human evolution almost a million years, this alignment would have occurred 38 times. And we made it this far. Though there is one event dating back some 70,000 years ago when Humans were nearly wiped to extinction. And all 6.5billion of us today share the same 600 common ancestors. Again that is just a hard fact of life on Planet Earth. We are simply the Order within Chaos. Or are we the Chaos inside the Order? The lines get so blurred these days.

Today Interior Secretary Ken Salazar issued a new moratorium on deep water drilling.  The Obama administration said the pause in drilling was essential in protecting the communities and the environment from the risks that deep water drilling currently poses.  This is not a liberal or conservative issue, this is not a Democrat republican issue. This is a simple matter of science. The science has proven over and a again that all drilling is fundamentally hazardous, this is exponentially greater in deep water. Any one that doesn’t believe this just needs to turn on any cable news channel, mute the sound and just watch the oil flow into the gulf.  But much more than saving the environment, we free ourselves from having to deal with what is truly the lowest class of people amongst us today.  BP is just the latest example of this kind of character. How many lies did BP resort to before the truth became too big to contain? Was it any different that the lies spread by Exxon in the wake of their 1989 catastrophe? Then we see the environmental damage Big Oil has caused in third world countries all over the world. But none more criminal than the current disaster that is occurring right now in Nigeria.  Nearly all the old pipelines leak profusely, yet without a strong Government to force these people to fix their problems and clean up their mess, they don’t, as long as more oil gets to the tanks than on the ground, it’s just business as usual. And when these native people speak out against the Oil companies, they are more often than not met with violence by the Oil Companies security forces.  This is not just big oil this also includes the natural gas companies as well.  My grand father always told me that a mans character is no stronger than the mans word. If the mans word is good then the man is of good character if the mans word is no good then so to the mans character. And this is an industry that has been actively poisoning us with their product, the byproduct, the chemicals and processes they employ, and lastly through their carelessness and callousness. Then they lie to cover up their shortcoming. My challenge is if this industry is so safe, why was the clean air and clean water acts such an inhibition to their daily operations? This is no more apparent than with Hydraulic Fracturing. The whole procedure is deadly to all forms of life and leaves utter devastation where ever a well is fracked. From tap water bursting in flames due to toxic natural gas contaminating natural wells, water so toxic that you can not even bath in it for fear of poisoning. And the industry claims the process is safe. But what is completely unacceptable is the Government to allow these processes to continue to affect the people and the environment the way they do.   Take Cabot  Oil and Gas, in several cases where they have Fracked a well and contaminated the drinking water. In every one of these cases Cabot as denied the allegations and claim the water is safe to drink. In many instances such as Dimmick Pa. Where water came out of the tape looking like watered down crude and smelling like turpentine, told towns people to their faces that it there was nothing wrong with their water. They would not drink it themselves but they will tell a mother of 3 small children her flammable chemical smelling water is safe for her little ones to drink. That takes a new kind of low. But this is the industry standard. And they are allowed to continue business as usual because they are exempt from the clean air and clean water acts. They do not even have to inform the residents near wells on publicly leased  land of they practices, And when ground water gets contaminated the E.P.A. can not even investigate.  And given all this unilateral freedom, the Oil and Gas Companies have once again shown that they are completely unable to police themselves. Like in anywhere else the Oil and Gas companies have operated, they will do what they want how they want and to hell with the people their process effects. Even if they complied to the clean air and clean water act tomorrow, it would be too late.  The time has come for the Oil and Gas industry go the way of American manufacturing. And we do it in the same fashion. We just pull the plug and the whole thing. To fill our current oil glut we immediately take the government restrictions and additives on the Ethanol and other alternatives, to fill the need short-term needs while we swing into the electric age once and for all. Current cars can be converted to Electric, Electric/hybrids or even compressed air. The conversion to electric will also spur more jobs, as we will need to build an infrastructure for the alternative cars.  And just about everything including plastic can be made with one natural renewable source, Hemp.  That’s right that plague of humanity is actually our wonder fiber. And guess what every refinery in America can be converted over to produce fuel, plastic, lubricants, clothes, paper, you name it hemp can do it. What are we waiting for here. Just pull the plug, chances are there’s enough hemp growing in the US right now to fill our needs until we can build the infrastructure around it.

I usually stay off these kinds of subjects, ghosts, UFO’s  Bigfoot etc. But after a weekend party and someone brings it up and suddenly I’m in a room full of experts.  Starting with the “Galactic Alignment” with the solstice sun and the Galactic center. The alignment is an effect of the orbital tilt of the planet. This is called procession of the equinox or just procession. Because of the axial tilt the earth slowly wobbles as it spins, this results in a 1 degree shift of the Solstice sun every 71.5 years.  So the traditional theory of the doomsday prophesies is, the sun will pass through the Galactic Equator on December 21 2012, the Axial tilt of the planet will place us closer to the Galactic center since the last crossing some 26,000 years ago. The result will be an increased gravitational pull on the planet erupting volcanoes triggering massive earthquakes and unpredictable and catastrophic weather patterns.  All this triggered by the Mayan end date of December 21, 2012. So is the science sound? Well the first thing everyone needs to understand is that the Galactic Alignment is calculated using the Galactic coordinate system that centers on the sun. Not the center of the galaxy.  The Galactic ecliptic runs through the center of the Galaxy.  As seen from earth the Sun passes through the Galactic equator twice a year every year. And as far as procession bringing us closer to the true galactic center(30,000 light years away from earth) If I’m standing on my roof Im closer to the moon.  That leads me to Mayan Prophecy and their calendar. The calendar was created sometime around 1040 A.D. however the calendar begins with the Gregorian date of 3114 BC. And concludes  on 12/21/2012.  This is actually misleading as the calendar the calendar is round for more than an ascetic purposes. The calendar never ends it simply repeats itself. The calendar is more of a Zodiac calendar than say a daily planner. Conspicuous people have seized on this date to as the end of the world and have even tried to pervert Astronomy to back them up. Now I’m not saying we should be complacent because nothing is going to happen. I should stress we do live on a unpredictable planet ripe with chance and possibilities. So always be prepared for everything.

years ago a common interview question was “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” In other words do you have a long term plan or do you just live day by day? And even as hard as it is to see ourselves 5 years down the road in very uncertain times. We still need to have a plan, now more than ever. The uncertainty however makes the planning even more difficult.  With the unstable economy the escalating costs of living we must make some fundamental changes in our live styles. We need a plan.  The first thing we need to do is detail the desired outcome of the plan. If the desired outcome is to become filthy rich, I can’t help you.  If the desired outcome is to become as independent as possible there I may be of some assistance.  The first part of the plan, or year one is the most important step. We need to analyze and isolate all unneeded spending. This is key, we need to train ourselves to do with less. The key is less material items, we can still enjoy a comfortable life in a comfortable home, surrounded by those things that spark pleasure within us. We just have to learn to live with less of them. But the materialism is just a part of the first step. We must also analyze our energy consumption and again train ourselves to use less. The whole goal of year one is to bring the cost of living down to a manageable level. While we are training ourselves to do with less, we also need to find that hidden talent we all have at one thing or another. We then need to hone that talent whatever it is. We hone it and put it to work for us. It doesn’t matter that you aren’t able to quit your day job. The important thing is the time you spend honing your specific talent is less time you would be spending on materialistic things or sitting in front of the TV through another droll sitcom. Once we identified our talents honed our talents, now we put our talents to work. An example of this would be a close friend of mine I’ll call Terry for sake of privacy reasons. After a hitch in the Armed forces terry took a decent paying job as a fork lift driver and worked his way up to materials manager. When he was displaced when the plant closed and moved to China, he was in the same boat as myself. I had already began my five year plan. I told him what Im telling you know, find that one thing you have a talent for and use it. Well it turns out Terry is pretty pretty decent programmer. However since he had never put anything out there he was afraid. Once he overcame that fear we wiped up a free bee website. A online resume if you will. Within a week he gets noticed. Now he is happily plugging away at his key board from his home office. he doesn’t make much maybe $1,200 a month if he’s lucky most months its closer to half that. But he states that he has never been happier in his life. Though Terry is even further along in the plan than I am. The Weasel. But we both found that one hidden talent, and we are putting it to work for yourselves. And we have both trained ourselves to use less and want less.

As most of you know George Ryan the 39th governor of Illinois was sentenced to six in a half years. A just sentence for the crimes he committed.  And as furious as we Illinoisans were at the time of the trial and conviction, we have had 3 years to look back on it with cooler heads. Yes what Ryan did was Illegal, and immoral. But lets face it no one was complaining when these illegal activities lead to jobs, and we have to admit to ourselves, Ryan did really well in keeping the state working.  Do we forget the jobs he created rebuilding the state highways? Do we forget that he committed record funding for education, in addition to spending billions to build and improve schools and the educational infrastructure. How many innocent people would have been put to death in Illinois if not for Ryan? Now I ask you to also take into account the failing health of both Ryan and his wife Lura. There is little chance that one or the other will see his release set in 2013. I ask my fellow Illinoisans, is our anger and vengeance sated? We stripped him of his wealth, we stripped him of his retirement and pension,  must we demand his life as well? I am not advocating a pardon, but why can’t he be released on house arrest? He is 76 years old in failing health. I do not think we need to fear for the public’s safety. And if there ever was a case that justified house arrest this would be that case. The way I see it, is he served 3 years, let it go and let him return home to his family and let him live his final days on this earth in peace.

If you spend any time these days combing through the stories events over the internet, you will find no shortage of comments from the conservative base. A few of these are just Obama hating nut jobs, I just pass these people over as not having much more sense than my garden Gnome. However there are a few comments that truly set me off. These all center around the chronic unemployed, and the inherent laziness empowered by unemployment benefits. As I said before, where are these jobs we’re not taking? I will tell you the reality of things. The only jobs being turned down in favor of benefits are those jobs that don’t pay as much as the benefits. Are expected to take less money just to go back to work? How does even a modest family of three, make ends meet on benefits? they don’t but the conservative republican base would have them take even more money out of their pocket. Then the word comes down the wire that INS is taking a new approach to dealing with the illegal immigration problem. By auditing the businesses suspected of hiring Illegals. And man did the forums blow up over this. Most of it was the conservative base blasting this as a witch hunt to punish the small businesses in America. This got me thinking. Over the years I have met a lot of small business owners in my home town. Some I have gotten to know quite well, well enough to know that all of them, the ones I know personally are all Republican Conservatives. So with a quick bit of fact checking it turns out (no surprise) that a vast majority of the small and medium business owners in the U.S. are Republican Conservatives. So follow me on this. The Democrats won’t fix immigration because they are trying to build a political base out of them. The republicans wont fix immigration because they will lose a good chunk of their cheap labor force. But that’s not even my point. Here we have the tea party toting the conservative view, immigration reform, tax reform, government reform, etc. But behind closed doors, it’s the republican conservative base exploiting the illegals for cheap labor. The real truth is in the last 30 years the republicans have been President for 20 of them. If they truly wanted reform, it would have happened by now. And if there is no doubt it was the greed of the republican conservatives that crashed the labor and stock markets. How many hedge fund managers guilty of excessive greed were Liberals? I don’t know either but I bet a safe common sense guess would be very few, if any. if that’s not a convincing number check this one out. for every 12 houses valued at 100,000 or less, 1 is in fore closer. For houses over a million its 1 in 7. And Bush called the middle class irresponsible. But what all these mean is that the conservative blow back against the unemployed is nothing more than their fear at losing their lives of excess and greed. And speaking of excess and greed as I reported in my previous post. How many of these conservative republican business owners will take Obama’s jobs money, without actually growing any jobs? Remember Bush’s tax cuts aimed at boosting the auto industry by giving out tax breaks for purchasing new company Vehicles, which would increase hiring drivers? Well my boss got the tax break. He bought himself a new hummer, and no he didn’t hire a chauffeur.