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In response to some of the hateful email’s I received over my post, “The Self Reliant American” I must have hit a cord with some ultra conservatives. And I usually don’t care what other people say, and well I still don’t care, it just gives me something to blog about. I’ve been called a hippy, an environmentalist, a liberal, etc. Yeah OK whatever I never really identify with a label or a closed off philosophy. I have also been called a leaching worthless determent to society. And that I have to refute, I spent over 22 years contributing to that society. These days, I contribute as little as possible, and take back even less. As I read about 15 comments all so hurtful that I had to remove them, not because of any personal attacks on my character or lifestyle, but for the attacks on whole groups of people who I have been unfairly grouped into. Unfair to me as well as those that do Identify with, the liberals, and the gays, and the Muslims. Thats when it dawned on me. These attacks are motivated by fear.  Its fear that drives the debate against the mosque in New York. And do you all really want to set a president, of special interest controlling the rights of land owners? Are you prepared to have a church construction challenged like this? How much more of your freedoms are you going to sacrifice to your fears?  How many more wars do we have to endure to appease your fears? And where does this irrational fear of everything come from? It comes from a generations of people raised under the threat of global annihilation by nuclear war. Our leaders pushed an agenda of fear, and we grew up under that blanket of fear, And being fearful makes it so much easier for them to pass laws like the patriot act, and openly spying on Americans on American soil. By instilling fear, and then dividing you against each other, it makes all that much easier for them to control you, and little by little they slowly take more and more of your rights away from you. And by the time you figured it all out, it’s far too late. There is nothing left for you to do but conform. When you break it all down there are really only two kinds of people on this planet. Those that live life, and those that run from it. If you run now, you will be running forever, and then everything you do, say and think will be ruled and controlled by that fear.


I try to stay out of these religious basis conversations,  however recent articles and conversations has led me back to the keyboard. The question is why does faith always lead to intolerance? before I start blasting on faith let me explain my position, I am not an Atheist, an Atheist must know more that I do.  However I will not accept a book, collection of oral histories from many different cultures over a vast period of time, as being the one true word of God. While I don’t label myself as Faithful, I do believe in a designed order of the universe. And no you are not the center of it. So I have to ask myself why do those of faith show so much intolerance? Just the other day as I was scanning through a faith-based story on the internet, I also scan the comments. One comment in particular caught my attention, the poster was crying foul over all the “Atheists” judging Christians, the christian then cites the bible on passing judgment. Typical Christian response. The Christian then closes with all non believers will burn, etc. Hmmm, he displays anger at being judged, then closes by passing judgment.  The hypocrisy of faith is immeasurable and the damage it has caused is irreparable.  It was faith in God that lead Jim Jones and his followers into mass suicide. It was faith in God that drove David Koresh and his branch Davidian suicide. The faith in God was behind every lynching, in this country. Faith of God rests in every war and atrocity the U.S. has ever committed. Faith in God drives the greed and power of the corrupt church. Faith in God drives Fred Phelps to protest funerals of fallen soldiers. Faith in God gives Phelps the right to spread hate and intolerance.  Faith of God drives men like Phelps to slander God. Faith in God feeds hate intolerance and exclusion. Faith in God leads us to only more pain, more sorrow and more greed.  A world with out God is a world closer together.

Well I thought I had adequately put this to bed. However I underestimate the conspiracy minded. Let me stress this one point one last time. The galactic Alignment is a man-made quantitative.  What I forgot to mention in the previous post that this man-made galactic alignment, in which the earth and the sun are in some alignment with the center of our galaxy, and that does happen on this imaginary chart every 26,125 years. And since the Mayan Long count calendar is also 26, 125 years, (as there is no year 0) this has been the fuel of the doomsday conspirators since the cracking of the Mayan code. But whether this is coincidence or  intentional  still remains to be seen. But lets assume just for a second that the prophecies are true, that there is some kind of cosmic alignment, that the Mayans were aware of and had warned us about. Any such event if it is triggered by this sort of alignment would be happening twice a year every year without fail. As I said in the previous post. Observing from the Earth the sun passes this Galactic Equator twice a year, Winter and Summer Solstice.  So to be clear when the sun and the earth align on the winter solstice of 2012 we will still be 30,000 light years from the center of the galaxy, The super-massive black hole lurking in the galaxies center near Sagittarius will not pull us in or create extreme gravitational conditions that could trigger massive tectonic activity.  Now this leads me to address an email related to my previous post on 2012. Anonymous says that I have purposely omitted, two other possibilities surrounding  the 2012 phenomenon the first being the solar cycles. That we will be entering into what is a solar Maximum. This Solar Cycle takes approximately 11 years from max to the next. Though 11 years is far from exact. The next Solar Max is expected to arrive in 2013. But given the imprecision of the Solar Maximum it is possible that the next solar Maximum arrives in 2012, it’s just as probable to arrive in time for lunch this afternoon. But when it does it arrive there is no conceivable way for the Mayans to know this a few thousand years into the future.  However the concern with a Solar Maximum may not be completely unfounded. If experts are correct in calculations, this could be the strongest Solar Maximum since the mid 1800 when Northern Lights were seen as far away as Rome. The concern today of course is can our aging electrical grids be able to handle an intense electromagnetic storm that comes with the solar max cycles.  If the Grids burn out we will all be in the dark for quite a long time.  Again something that the Mayans could not Predict. Then there is the awakening of consciousness.  The idea here is that the crossing of the Galactic equator will trigger something within the dormant parts of the brain, and miraculously we will essentially rewire our selves and rise to a new consciousness. That all sounds great, I believe that a transformation like this is our only hope of survival as a specious. But I am also a realist. And that Humanity will not change, ever, unless we are forced to, and we would have to be forced by forces beyond our control. In order to bring about this awakening we would have to have a culling of humanity. The simple truth is we need Drastic events to trigger drastic action. And besides even if we accept for a second that some alignment will take place in 2012, we have no reason to believe that we will wiped out as a specious. If true that would mean that in the course of Human evolution almost a million years, this alignment would have occurred 38 times. And we made it this far. Though there is one event dating back some 70,000 years ago when Humans were nearly wiped to extinction. And all 6.5billion of us today share the same 600 common ancestors. Again that is just a hard fact of life on Planet Earth. We are simply the Order within Chaos. Or are we the Chaos inside the Order? The lines get so blurred these days.

I usually stay off these kinds of subjects, ghosts, UFO’s  Bigfoot etc. But after a weekend party and someone brings it up and suddenly I’m in a room full of experts.  Starting with the “Galactic Alignment” with the solstice sun and the Galactic center. The alignment is an effect of the orbital tilt of the planet. This is called procession of the equinox or just procession. Because of the axial tilt the earth slowly wobbles as it spins, this results in a 1 degree shift of the Solstice sun every 71.5 years.  So the traditional theory of the doomsday prophesies is, the sun will pass through the Galactic Equator on December 21 2012, the Axial tilt of the planet will place us closer to the Galactic center since the last crossing some 26,000 years ago. The result will be an increased gravitational pull on the planet erupting volcanoes triggering massive earthquakes and unpredictable and catastrophic weather patterns.  All this triggered by the Mayan end date of December 21, 2012. So is the science sound? Well the first thing everyone needs to understand is that the Galactic Alignment is calculated using the Galactic coordinate system that centers on the sun. Not the center of the galaxy.  The Galactic ecliptic runs through the center of the Galaxy.  As seen from earth the Sun passes through the Galactic equator twice a year every year. And as far as procession bringing us closer to the true galactic center(30,000 light years away from earth) If I’m standing on my roof Im closer to the moon.  That leads me to Mayan Prophecy and their calendar. The calendar was created sometime around 1040 A.D. however the calendar begins with the Gregorian date of 3114 BC. And concludes  on 12/21/2012.  This is actually misleading as the calendar the calendar is round for more than an ascetic purposes. The calendar never ends it simply repeats itself. The calendar is more of a Zodiac calendar than say a daily planner. Conspicuous people have seized on this date to as the end of the world and have even tried to pervert Astronomy to back them up. Now I’m not saying we should be complacent because nothing is going to happen. I should stress we do live on a unpredictable planet ripe with chance and possibilities. So always be prepared for everything.

There is a river in my home town. The Rock River gets its source in southeast Wisconsin and begins its 285 mile journey to join the waters of the Mississippi. The river which cuts my city clean in two has changed drastically over the hundred and 50 odd years since Rockford became a township then a city. In the years when my grandfather, much younger than I am now fished these waters, it was a different time. The water flowed by blue and clear. Safe to drink and how sweet her waters were. But that was our distant past, only savored in a few pictures and the memories of a wild youth passing lazy days on the banks of the mighty beautiful river.  Though there is still some beauty left most of it is what we have done on the banks of the river, than the green river that runs through them. And this is just one change in a long series of changes through the years. The biggest change for me is for the first real-time in my Adult life I can not visualize the future. Like that river that flows through, it takes the same path it has for a million years or more, but it is in all sense different. The same to with our lives, though on the surface it seems as if we are just flowing along with time, but we are fundamentally different from those drops of water that came before us.  On a whole we have become more dependent on government to make our decisions and media to do our critical thinking for us.  And as we become more and more dependent on others and gadgets we become less and less dependent upon ourselves, and if we do not change we may never be ourselves again.  With the future so clouded and unpredictable we must take this time to assess what is truly important, and we need to focus on that one thing. Then and only then can we even begin to fix everything else. And if we had done the right thing the first time around their would be no reason to fix anything.   And with all the talk about 2012 and doomsday scenarios, one would think that the prospect of extinction would straighten us out, Nothing worse than self-fulfilling prophecy.