For some time I have been conceptualizing varying methods of over coming the huge limitations still facing the electric car. As the technology stands it is a great idea for local commuting. And in the Big cities the electric car is more efficient. As the car is not using any energy while stuck in traffic. It’s on the highway that the electric car is woefully inadequate. And lets face it as Americans our love affair with the car was the promise of the open road. The ability to pack up the car and just go on a moments notice. The electric car will get us to work and back and to the grocery store. But it won’t get us very far on the open road without serious down time to recharge all the batteries. And that has always been my goal. To give you the open road.  And to do that we need to get completely out of the box and rethink the whole concept of the batteries and energy storage and distribution. And along the way I have come across plenty of nay sayers  and skeptics. Most just assume that I am looking for some type of free energy and perpetual motion device. Which is farther from the truth. Fly Wheels store energy, in my system that energy is supplied through work. When the 24v motor spins the flywheel assembly it pushes the magnetic currents through the coils, 12 coils seriesed are ran through an amplifier which increases the amps sufficient to move the car, once the car is moving it only needs 5 amps to maintain. This is not getting energy from nothing. This is using work every step of the way. And by maximizing energy storage and distribution we can jump over one big hurdle.