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As we get closer to the 9th anniversary of 9/11 we are forced to take pause and reflect on the events of the past several months. As well as a certain planned event for Saturday.  Being agnostic I clearly see the folly on both sides of this issue. Being a human being of reasonable intelligence I clearly see the wrongness in burning holy text. Not from a religious stand point, but from a humanitarian View Point.  The idea is clear Mr. Jones is sending a direct message to Muslims that their religion is not tolerated here. Whatever Jones says he can not hide the intent of burning the Qur’an. He claims that he not speaking to the moderate Muslims, but to those extremists that attacked us on 9/11. That doesn’t fly. By burning their holy text you are speaking to every Muslim. And that is unacceptable.  And it is equally unacceptable to provoke violence from those you know can be provoked into violence.  While he will enrage the moderate he most likely will not get a violent response. But his words, he is taunting the extremists. And that makes his actions premeditated. And as he has the constitutional right, as a self-proclaimed man of God he has a greater responsibility towards peace and humanity. I do not fear his actions will bring retaliation here. It’s not the solders I fear for, though they will be the most likely targets.  It’s the Christian population throughout the middle east. Jordan, Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Palestine. These are the ones Terry Jones is willing to put in harm’s way to prove Islamic extremists can be pushed into acts of violence. And those of you who call yourselves American and Christian are willing to step back and allow radical extremists kill innocent people, in order to justify your intolerance of Islam.  Terry Jones Responsibilities to the words and teachings of Jesus, should outweigh his constitutional right and his own deep prejudice and intolerance.


The Truth about Free Energy

For some time I have been conceptualizing varying methods of over coming the huge limitations still facing the electric car. As the technology stands it is a great idea for local commuting. And in the Big cities the electric car is more efficient. As the car is not using any energy while stuck in traffic. It’s on the highway that the electric car is woefully inadequate. And lets face it as Americans our love affair with the car was the promise of the open road. The ability to pack up the car and just go on a moments notice. The electric car will get us to work and back and to the grocery store. But it won’t get us very far on the open road without serious down time to recharge all the batteries. And that has always been my goal. To give you the open road.  And to do that we need to get completely out of the box and rethink the whole concept of the batteries and energy storage and distribution. And along the way I have come across plenty of nay sayers  and skeptics. Most just assume that I am looking for some type of free energy and perpetual motion device. Which is farther from the truth. Fly Wheels store energy, in my system that energy is supplied through work. When the 24v motor spins the flywheel assembly it pushes the magnetic currents through the coils, 12 coils seriesed are ran through an amplifier which increases the amps sufficient to move the car, once the car is moving it only needs 5 amps to maintain. This is not getting energy from nothing. This is using work every step of the way. And by maximizing energy storage and distribution we can jump over one big hurdle.