As children our parents tried to instill in each of us to be honest and truthful to ourselves and those around us.  Being raised primarily by my grandparents I was always told that a measure of a mans character is no stronger than the mans words. And I believe that to this day.  And its this simple measure of character that got me thinking why we have such an obvious double standard. On July 9th border agents catch a man crossing into the States from Canada with other persons pass port. And upon further investigating find they man to be wearing an ankle bracelet. The suspect tells agents that a parole officer friend of his gave him the bracelet so he can sure support for Lindsey Lohan. The man is booked on several parole violations as well as Lying to the agents. And I agree that he should be charged with lying. But do you see the double standard? A another example of this double standard comes from a personal experience several years ago. My neighbor’s son was about 15, and one day the 15-year-old was shooting out car windows in our alley with his b.b. gun. The problem being we didn’t actually see him do it. One neighbor called the police and they came to talk to the kid. The officer having already been told that no-one had actually seen him do it. Told the kid at the top of his lungs looming over him, an inch from the kids face, that we had all seen him do it. The kid was so scared he couldn’t stop shaking but he wouldn’t admit to shooting the windows out. The the cop took another approach and told the kid if he confessed he wouldn’t be arrested. The kid confessed and was arrested, and charged with beyond the vandalism, with lying to a police officer and resisting arrest, which apparently you can do with out physically resisting. So even though the kid did shoot out the windows, He wasn’t the first teenage boy to do something incredibly stupid. Doing stupid things as a teenage boy is a rite of passage.  But what does this say about the character of the arresting officer? And what about our elected officials?  Lets go back to the months before the economic melt down. During the year or two leading up to the melt down, we all knew it was coming. Yet how many politicians (Democrat and Republicans) hedge fund managers, wall street brokers and bankers, were paraded in front of cameras and straight out lied about not only the stability of the markets, but the strength of currency and labor markets. Lied in front of millions, yet we put the same selfish lying stealing degenerates back in their offices.  We have forgotten that one key lesson, a mans character is no stronger than his word. And whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, a liberal or a conservative we can all see that our politicians have done nothing but lie to us. If their word is no good and none of us can say it is good, then the person is no good. Public Servants, elected or appointed should be held to a higher standard of accountability. And they should be held accountable for every lie they tell, from the big to the small. Terms such as Campaign Promises and Spin should be seen for what they are, Lies and nothing more.  It’s not too much to ask, I mean they have already taken the oath of office, they have already sworn to uphold the truth. They put their lying hands on the bible and took that oath. So why can’t we demand that they honor their oath of office or suffer the penalty of perjury?