I usually stay off these kinds of subjects, ghosts, UFO’s  Bigfoot etc. But after a weekend party and someone brings it up and suddenly I’m in a room full of experts.  Starting with the “Galactic Alignment” with the solstice sun and the Galactic center. The alignment is an effect of the orbital tilt of the planet. This is called procession of the equinox or just procession. Because of the axial tilt the earth slowly wobbles as it spins, this results in a 1 degree shift of the Solstice sun every 71.5 years.  So the traditional theory of the doomsday prophesies is, the sun will pass through the Galactic Equator on December 21 2012, the Axial tilt of the planet will place us closer to the Galactic center since the last crossing some 26,000 years ago. The result will be an increased gravitational pull on the planet erupting volcanoes triggering massive earthquakes and unpredictable and catastrophic weather patterns.  All this triggered by the Mayan end date of December 21, 2012. So is the science sound? Well the first thing everyone needs to understand is that the Galactic Alignment is calculated using the Galactic coordinate system that centers on the sun. Not the center of the galaxy.  The Galactic ecliptic runs through the center of the Galaxy.  As seen from earth the Sun passes through the Galactic equator twice a year every year. And as far as procession bringing us closer to the true galactic center(30,000 light years away from earth) If I’m standing on my roof Im closer to the moon.  That leads me to Mayan Prophecy and their calendar. The calendar was created sometime around 1040 A.D. however the calendar begins with the Gregorian date of 3114 BC. And concludes  on 12/21/2012.  This is actually misleading as the calendar the calendar is round for more than an ascetic purposes. The calendar never ends it simply repeats itself. The calendar is more of a Zodiac calendar than say a daily planner. Conspicuous people have seized on this date to as the end of the world and have even tried to pervert Astronomy to back them up. Now I’m not saying we should be complacent because nothing is going to happen. I should stress we do live on a unpredictable planet ripe with chance and possibilities. So always be prepared for everything.