If you spend any time these days combing through the stories events over the internet, you will find no shortage of comments from the conservative base. A few of these are just Obama hating nut jobs, I just pass these people over as not having much more sense than my garden Gnome. However there are a few comments that truly set me off. These all center around the chronic unemployed, and the inherent laziness empowered by unemployment benefits. As I said before, where are these jobs we’re not taking? I will tell you the reality of things. The only jobs being turned down in favor of benefits are those jobs that don’t pay as much as the benefits. Are expected to take less money just to go back to work? How does even a modest family of three, make ends meet on benefits? they don’t but the conservative republican base would have them take even more money out of their pocket. Then the word comes down the wire that INS is taking a new approach to dealing with the illegal immigration problem. By auditing the businesses suspected of hiring Illegals. And man did the forums blow up over this. Most of it was the conservative base blasting this as a witch hunt to punish the small businesses in America. This got me thinking. Over the years I have met a lot of small business owners in my home town. Some I have gotten to know quite well, well enough to know that all of them, the ones I know personally are all Republican Conservatives. So with a quick bit of fact checking it turns out (no surprise) that a vast majority of the small and medium business owners in the U.S. are Republican Conservatives. So follow me on this. The Democrats won’t fix immigration because they are trying to build a political base out of them. The republicans wont fix immigration because they will lose a good chunk of their cheap labor force. But that’s not even my point. Here we have the tea party toting the conservative view, immigration reform, tax reform, government reform, etc. But behind closed doors, it’s the republican conservative base exploiting the illegals for cheap labor. The real truth is in the last 30 years the republicans have been President for 20 of them. If they truly wanted reform, it would have happened by now. And if there is no doubt it was the greed of the republican conservatives that crashed the labor and stock markets. How many hedge fund managers guilty of excessive greed were Liberals? I don’t know either but I bet a safe common sense guess would be very few, if any. if that’s not a convincing number check this one out. for every 12 houses valued at 100,000 or less, 1 is in fore closer. For houses over a million its 1 in 7. And Bush called the middle class irresponsible. But what all these mean is that the conservative blow back against the unemployed is nothing more than their fear at losing their lives of excess and greed. And speaking of excess and greed as I reported in my previous post. How many of these conservative republican business owners will take Obama’s jobs money, without actually growing any jobs? Remember Bush’s tax cuts aimed at boosting the auto industry by giving out tax breaks for purchasing new company Vehicles, which would increase hiring drivers? Well my boss got the tax break. He bought himself a new hummer, and no he didn’t hire a chauffeur.