As most of you know George Ryan the 39th governor of Illinois was sentenced to six in a half years. A just sentence for the crimes he committed.  And as furious as we Illinoisans were at the time of the trial and conviction, we have had 3 years to look back on it with cooler heads. Yes what Ryan did was Illegal, and immoral. But lets face it no one was complaining when these illegal activities lead to jobs, and we have to admit to ourselves, Ryan did really well in keeping the state working.  Do we forget the jobs he created rebuilding the state highways? Do we forget that he committed record funding for education, in addition to spending billions to build and improve schools and the educational infrastructure. How many innocent people would have been put to death in Illinois if not for Ryan? Now I ask you to also take into account the failing health of both Ryan and his wife Lura. There is little chance that one or the other will see his release set in 2013. I ask my fellow Illinoisans, is our anger and vengeance sated? We stripped him of his wealth, we stripped him of his retirement and pension,  must we demand his life as well? I am not advocating a pardon, but why can’t he be released on house arrest? He is 76 years old in failing health. I do not think we need to fear for the public’s safety. And if there ever was a case that justified house arrest this would be that case. The way I see it, is he served 3 years, let it go and let him return home to his family and let him live his final days on this earth in peace.