With widening hopes that President Obama’s jobs bill will be passed soon many small businesses are anticipating in some job growth for 2011. Thats good news, since in Rockford IL, we are strapped with a 16.3% unemployment rate. So it’s no wonder why we unemployed are so down trodden and even depressed. And why shouldn’t we be? Lets back up a bit in 1970 the average CEO made $45 for every dollar the average hourly worker made. Today that gap is $1080 to $1. So lets be honest, if corporate spending was out of control, it was out of control at the top level. Yet it was the hourly worker who pays the price, again. Yet spend some time in the news forums and you wont find a shortage of comments blaming the unemployed for the situation they are in. Mainly the unemployed are lazy. If that were true then why the sudden epidemic? how does 6% unemployment escalate to well over 10% in just a few short years? So if the mass unemployed are unemployed by choice, where are the jobs? For every one position available through out the US there are no less than 5 qualified applicants. Then there is the idiocy that Millions of Americans are living the good life on your dollar. Are you kidding me? Have you ever seen an Unemployment check? All it is really good for is just getting by. And most can not get by on the unemployment. Now do the math, just a few years ago the vast majority of us were gainfully employed, paying our bills, paying our taxes, etc. So for the multitudes of unemployed voters, it makes sense to keep us unemployed and cut off, at least until November. That is when they will bombard us with how they care for us, and how they will fix this they will fix that. They will bring us job. So regardless of what happens, come November there will be a jobs bill, and that Jobs bill will give federal stimulus money to small businesses that create jobs. But here lies the problem. How do we know these companies taking the money are actually growing jobs? A few days ago a confidential informant had given me a juicy piece. It centers around Evergreen Irrigation, and owner/president Ray Eissens. Evergreen being a seasonal contractor lays off in November and calls he crew back to work in the spring. They are not a union contractor and they don’t get union scale. Mr Eissens has already strong armed his employee’s into signing agreements to come back each season as new hires. This frees Mr Eissens to bring his long time employee’s back at bottom scale as well as freeing him from paying benefits. Not to mention puts Mr. Eissens in position to collect Federal Stimulus money for growing new jobs. Whether or not this loop hole is closed remains to be seen. But the problem here isn’t the loop hole. It is with the man that exploits the loop hole for personal gain. And this is just one case that I know about. How many other small business owners are looking to bleed the system?