For months now we have had to endure the oil spill, slow economy, no jobs, and more recently no jobs benefits, developing Eco-disasters centering around Hydraulic Fracturing, and a threat of a double dip recession. Though Obama is spending 2billion on solar power, and that money is being spent to build plants in the US and will put Americans back to work. But it is too little too slow. And what really upsets me is reading comments to similar blogs, that chastise the Author, as being an environmentalist is somehow a weakness. I am not an one however, but here’s the truth of the matter like it or not. For over a century Big Oil has raped the land sickened people and livestock, contaminated our drinking water, and just turned beautiful country into hell on earth. For years we have been warned what would happen if we didn’t change. And even now with hundreds of thousands of gallons of crude spewing into the gulf we refuse to change. We all know how destructive extracting the oil is. We all know how devastating a blow out is, or a a ruptured tankers. We know the costs of these because these things are not uncommon. And the cost of the Gulf Coast may never come close to the environmental damage Big Oil has caused in Africa. Big Oil is the sole reason we have oversea military bases to protect our public interest. And believe it or not its the underlying reason of our collective despair. those of us of reasonable intelligence know what we are doing to the planet. We all know Big Oil has entwined it’s self into our daily lives, and we are enslaved by our need for oil. And to add insult to injury this need is artificially driven. The truth is we are not being told all the facts. If you look at all the applications for crude there is a natural cleaner alternative. From plastics to fuel, we have alternatives. We’re just not being told of them. We don’t need coal to generate electricity either, The advancements in Solar Power technology is still decades behind where it should be, but it is efficient enough to draw a good majority of your homes energy needs, and with something like wind or water turbines you can live completely off the grid. Now no-one is suggesting anyone should live in caves, though a resourceful person could turn a cave into a cozy safe comfortable place to live. But we do need to take a look at how we live and what that lifestyle is costing us. And we need to take a look at our children and ask ourselves what kind of world are we leaving them? And is that the world you want to live in?