Unless you have been sleeping in a cave for the last 10 years, you would know that the United States is sitting on a vast sea of natural Gas, most of this gas is trapped in within the immense shale formation that spans most of the country. What you may or may not know is the method that’s being deployed to extract the gas. Its called Hydraulic Fracturing. And in a nut shell here is how it works. A rig is deployed and drills to depths of up to 8,000 ft. Whats called a Fracking solution is applied, this causes the shale to fracture releasing trapped natural gasses. The gas is then extracted from the well and added to the pipeline. The problem with fracturing is that one the ‘Solution’ used in the operation is deadly toxic to any life form it comes it contact with. And its propitiatory and therefore not subjected to disclosure. And ever since 2005 when Bush signed his energy bill right under our noses , it stripped the E.P.A. from investigating Hydraulic Fracturing practices and left the gas and oil companies free of the Clean Air and Clean Water acts. And in the wake of the Deep Water Horizon, it looks as if there is even a bigger environmental disaster occurring right under our noses. It is starting to look as if everywhere where Fracking is being done people are coming down sick and worse. We have seen the news reports of flammable tap water, but those few incidents, which the Gas industry denies being caused by fracking, are growing more and more common where ever a well is fracked. But whats more disconcerting than the actual poisoning of ground water, but their insistence that the water is safe. Just recently I watched a documentary called gasland, I was appalled at what was obviously a total disregard to the health and well-being of entire communities. I have seen water, when the surface heated with a torch clump together in stringy bits of plastic. All the while the gas industry representatives are telling these people their water is fine. They wont personally drink it, but its fine, it explodes into flames straight from the tap, but its fine, you can boil it and pull out chunks of plastic but its fine. And as of 2005 and the oil and gas industry were deregulated and no longer had to comply with the clean air and clean water acts. And this is perhaps the most disturbing of all. This industry has to be forced not to be a gross polluter. This industry has to be forced not to contaminate ground drinking water. People like Halliburton CEO David Lesar does the right thing because it’s the right thing to do? Me neither. Are their fracking wells drilled on Mr. Lesar’s Gated gilded community? Hell no. Would Mr Lesar drink Marsha Mendenhall and Mike Markham’s safe drinking water, the safe kind that you can light on fire and amaze your friends. And where is the EPA in all this? Hands tied behind their backs and in gas companies pocket. EPA Whistle Blower Weston Wilson gave a very candid interview about the inner working of the EPA in Gasland. In 2005 the EPA did a study on hydraulic Fracturing, but the panel rejected the survey, while acknowledging a toxic and radioactive solution was being injecting into the ground, it didn’t require further study. And that is as far as the EPA will go. So who is protecting the environment and the health and safety of American citizens? And as bad as the process is conducted here on American soil, by Americans, can you imagine what they are doing in poorer countries where they don’t have the power or voice to stand up to these Corporations. If we don’t get a handle on this and make them not only accountable for the damage they have already done but to put a stop to fracking once and for all. There is absolutely no way to do fracking safely, therefore we shouldn’t be doing it all. Wouldn’t it be much cheaper and much cleaner to just go Solar. That’s where we will be heading in a few decades anyway, so why not just do it now instead of putting it off.