It is totally my intention to point fingers, call names, bite scratch and even pull some hair. I will be blunt and to the point, and I will offend a great number of people. To those people let me just say ahead of time, The hell with you, I make no apologies. Nor do I spin. Spin is just another word making it OK for politicians to lie. And that was our first mistake. It used to be that our elected officials should be held to higher accountability, yet they for the most part openly display the very worse of the human condition. And we accept it through compliance. The first thing we need to accept is that we the people of the U.S. let this situation get out of control. We allowed the lawyers and politicians to hijack the constitution and use and abuse it for decades and we did nothing. We gripped about it we protested about it, but we have not done one single meaningful thing to change it. Lets talk about Lawyers for just a second and why we need them. We need lawyers to untangle the web of the legal system. Which was designed to be confusing and utterly impossible for the layman to navigate. The simple truth of the matter the only attribute a lawyer truly possess is the ability to take uncomplicated situations and purposely complicate them. Look at it like this, if you were to punch a lawyer in the eye, for whatever reason, chances are highly favorable that you will spend about the next year or two bouncing between criminal and civil court. You will spend thousands of dollars out of pocket to another lawyer to protect your rights and such. A simple straight forward situation just became a complicated web of complete nonsense. If however you were for the same reason punch a simple common person like myself, you would get hit back. There would be a scuffle and then it would be over. Simple Clean Direct. And guess what people most things in life at all levels of the game are usually that simple that clean that direct. If the language of law were written in layman’s terms most of them wouldn’t fly and they know it. Now Politicians, These are the most vile lowest of all people. We are basically a two party system, with some third party options trying to gain traction. Lets start with the republican party. When Bush took office in 2000 he took great pains to express how out of control the national debt was, 5.7 trillion when Clinton left office. So for some unfathomable reason he decides the best way to fix the national debt would be to expand free trade agreements to China and India, the net result was the dismantling of the manufacturing sector, which at the time employed more than 10million people. These jobs were gone within a few short years, now you have 10 million plus people unemployed at the same time. Then Bush starts 2 separate wars which are still adding the escalating debt. Then Obama wins and dems win majority, but they do not have a 2/3’rd majority. Now everyone wants change, but seriously all most people see is higher debt and still no results in jobs. So we have the republicans responsible for losing 10 million jobs and the Democrats haven’t spent much energy in creating new jobs. So how is either any different from the other? And for all the saber rattling from the democrats to extricate ourselves out of Iraq, every time a proposal is set on the table there are a number of democrats who openly oppose any talk of withdraw or scaling down. And then there’s the sticky matter of Immigration reform. First of all this is not a racial issue. Those who are trying to turn it into a racial issue are only trying to distract you. Its a simple matter of, did you follow the current immigration laws to get in the country? Now everyone is screaming for immigration reform. And yeah we need reform. But only because the government intentionally for decades ignored its own immigration laws. How many signs have we seen that said “I am not a criminal”, well the truth is, if you came across the border illegally, then you are a criminal. its that simple. By current logic, I should be able to rob a bank, and if I make it to my car, then I’m safe. I have nothing against anyone trying to make a better living for themselves and their families. But lets get real. This is an invasion, they come over by the 10’s of thousands, most of them never take the time to learn the language, and we are forced to flip the bill to accommodate their needs in their native language. I can give you several examples of this from personal experience. When I landed my first real job outside high school, I worked with a Mexican named Daniel, Daniel became legal by marrying an American woman. They had 3 children together, and he had been in the country for more than 20 years when I met him, yet he spoke maybe 4 words of English. Just today on CNN I seen an interview with a Mexican woman who has lived here for more than 20 years, has one son serving in the Marines and another about to join. She is worried about being rounded up and deported back to Mexico. And I would feel sorry for her except she was doing this interview through an interpreter, again after 20 years in the country and can’t speak the language, is just seriously lazy. I learned Spanish in less than 4 years, Im not completely fluent but I can keep up in a conversation. The reason the situation has gotten to the point where individual states had to take action to protect their borders, is because both parties are trying to build a political base out of them. Now lets talk tea party Movement. On the surface I thought yeah this is something I can get behind. But thats just on the surface. Beneath it all they are attracting openingly racist members. Every time I read a comment from a tea party member, they can not help but continue to attempt draw attention to his full name. They are constantly reminding us of how Islam is inherently evil. The tea party allowed itself to be hijacked by the racists and republicans. In short not a viable 3rd party option as they are just a new wrapper on the same ole tired product. And that leads me to you fundamental Christians, you are the pulse in this country that continues to push bad blood between us and the Muslim community. The plain and simple truth is extremism and fundamentalism exists in all religions, but only make up about 2% of the religious community. And while the Christian Fundamentalist is trying to convince the world that Islam in itself is the problem, they are actually preaching against the moderate 98% of the religion, while they themselves being Fundamentalists are in the 2%, the same 2% as the Muslim terrorist. But the true threat of any kind of fundamentalist movement in this country is in the cost of progress in the sciences and technologies. As is the case of Christian Fundamentalist in America and their direct opposition to science. The whole problem with Christianity is it’s arrogance to think that man has a clue as to what God is. And we top that arrogance off by assuming that a being of such power even bothers himself with our affairs. It’s That blinding self serving arrogance thats holding us back from any true progress as a race. Look at it this way, as we get more technologically advanced, the more science is going to play in our already complicated lives. So to complicate things more government will get involved, and pass laws and bills, and amendments to bills. So what we are going to end up with are elected officials who still believe in the fundamentalist 6,000 yea old earth, voting on laws and bills that directly affects fields of scientific research. And these elected officials will make the wrong choice every time. Always based on their religious point of view. But in the end you can only rely on yourself and your immediate family and close friends, everyone else is just trying to get over on you.