There is a river in my home town. The Rock River gets its source in southeast Wisconsin and begins its 285 mile journey to join the waters of the Mississippi. The river which cuts my city clean in two has changed drastically over the hundred and 50 odd years since Rockford became a township then a city. In the years when my grandfather, much younger than I am now fished these waters, it was a different time. The water flowed by blue and clear. Safe to drink and how sweet her waters were. But that was our distant past, only savored in a few pictures and the memories of a wild youth passing lazy days on the banks of the mighty beautiful river.  Though there is still some beauty left most of it is what we have done on the banks of the river, than the green river that runs through them. And this is just one change in a long series of changes through the years. The biggest change for me is for the first real-time in my Adult life I can not visualize the future. Like that river that flows through, it takes the same path it has for a million years or more, but it is in all sense different. The same to with our lives, though on the surface it seems as if we are just flowing along with time, but we are fundamentally different from those drops of water that came before us.  On a whole we have become more dependent on government to make our decisions and media to do our critical thinking for us.  And as we become more and more dependent on others and gadgets we become less and less dependent upon ourselves, and if we do not change we may never be ourselves again.  With the future so clouded and unpredictable we must take this time to assess what is truly important, and we need to focus on that one thing. Then and only then can we even begin to fix everything else. And if we had done the right thing the first time around their would be no reason to fix anything.   And with all the talk about 2012 and doomsday scenarios, one would think that the prospect of extinction would straighten us out, Nothing worse than self-fulfilling prophecy.