Don’t get me wrong, I’m no different that most of you, I see the images and video of that oil spewing into the gulf and I’m mad as hell. But in times of great anger we all do and say things that though well meaning don’t always go as intended. The boycott of BP one such mistake. Meant to be seen as a message to BP corporate officials, the only thing the boycott is doing is hurting the private station owners. These owners bought into the BP franchise, but BP is not heavily vested in these privately owned stations. In order for the boycott to succeed in its goals, it would first have to put all these privately owned franchises out of business, and even then the profits lost wouldn’t hardly be worth mentioning. So my advice to all of you is please if you must buy gasoline, don’t punish some hard working guy who is just trying to put food on his families table. They supply BP products, but thats about as far as the responsibility goes. So please America reconsider this Boycott before we put more hard working gainfully employed Americans on the streets with no hope insight.