There has been a lot of talk lately about how going green will not only save the planet it will save our economy. In fact President Bush stated the future of America was going to be developing and advancing green technologies. And that much will most likely be true, as we are the greatest innovators and inventors. But how can we sustain a mass labor force, unless we have a manufacturing base to mass produce and distribute this green technology. Without a massive industrial complex to manufacture products here, we as a nation will continue to face massive unemployment rates which in turn will only lead to more and more people living at or below the poverty level. . And the reason Green tech wont save our economy, is because it was never meant to. It was just spin the Bush Administration used to deflect concerns about where we were going to recover 10 million jobs. Its this simple, our labor force is much too large, and not all of us are scientists or Engineers. In fact a overwhelming majority of those currently unemployed are not scientists or engineers, and seem to have been left out of this whole equation. However if each city addressed its own needs and goals, and employed locally it would create jobs and be a boost for local economies. But unless a green industry can support over 10 million American workers, there is little chance it can succeed as a economic stabilizer.