Its been going on for 3 months and still no end in sight. But there is hope. Actor Kevin Costner teamed up with his scientist brother Dan, and formed Costner industries. Inspired by the Exxon Valdez The Costner’s developed Ocean Therapy, a powerful Centrifugal devise which takes in contaminated water and spins it so fast that 97% of the impurities are separated from the clean water, the oil and impurities stay in the tank while the clean water is returned. When explained how this all worked some journalists actually laughed at him. Thats OK, these guys spent more time in a cubicle than a machine shop. Having been a machinist most of my working career, I can tell you the worst part of the job was cleaning out the coolant tank and changing the coolant. In the old days when I first I was a young pup just starting out, we did this by getting a shop vac and sucking all the coolant out. Then with a scrapper you had to scrape all the mud out,(steel dust, and congealed coolant) Then you had to fill the tank back up with water and add your concentrated coolant. And we had to do this about every 2 weeks, less if the machine was running more than 12 hrs a day. Then sometime in 1993 1994 my boss bought a centrifuge coolant separator. And here is who this works, We suck the tank mud and all directly into the unit. when its full you turn it on, it spins the coolant and sends the clean water into a containment tank. Then you fill the machines back up from the containment tank. The mud is hard pressed into a dry mud cake, that gets recycled as it is now more that 97% steel dust. And that meant we only had to change to new coolant once a year. And not to mention all the money we got back in recycling tons of steel dust. But As great a contribution the Costner’s have made, it is each and every one of our responsibility to make damn sure this never happens again.