So just how much oil has spewed into the Gulf So far? the equivalent of 15 Exxon Valdez’s. And its still coming. And Americans are still using more and more oil. Even with the available technologies and alternatives we will continue to follow this road, even when we all know where this road is going to lead us. We are on a course of Self Inflicting genocide and Big Oil is driving the Bus. We want to get off but the bus just wont stop and we’re all forced to ride it out. Of course we can jump off the bus, but that would hurt, and hurt a lot. But if we don’t jump we’re gone, and thats as simple as it gets. So I jumped off the bus. I remember one time an My old History teacher Mr. Buehl said, everyone has a contribution to make. It was our job to figure out what that contribution was. Mine is converting a Ford Probe GT into an all-electric car. But “Electra” isn’t going to be just an EV. Electra is going to push the boundaries of the electric car. I have touched on this on another post. Running Dual Alternators on My EV. But For people to fully comprehend this concept and see that it works I will go into more detail. For those that have no idea how the electric car works I will be try to be precise and simple. Once we have removed the gasoline engine gas tank, exhaust, and everything else having to do with the internal combustion engine. The hardest part of the whole process is the removal of the old stuff and making the adapter plate to mount the transmission to the electric motor. A controller is installed to control the amount of current to the motor, which is controlled by this thing we call a gas pedal. It’s now a Watt Pedal. Once that is all done all that is left is to install the battery packs series them together install and wire the charging unit and your car is ready to roll. The concept is simple if you have the mechanical ability to put it all together. It’s just a matter of time and cost. I have the time, it’s the cost that’s hanging me up. The planned conversion will cost just under $6,000 from start to finish. But just converting a car over and getting typical results that others before had achieved does little in advancing the technologies. And Electra will do that through a simple concept of converting mechanical force into electricity, and use that electricity to recharge the batteries while the car is in operation. there are a few factors involved here, one is that the batteries have to be separated into 2 independent battery packs, one pack supplying the motor at a time, as you can not charge a battery while its pulling a load. This has to employ a switching plate mechanism that will pull the load off one battery pack and put it on the second. When this is done the first battery pack is ready to be charged. The alternator will then send current back to the battery pack through the cars internal charging system. The most important thing is not to charge the batteries so fast as to over heat them. If the charge is too slow and it won’t work. But by using the cars internal charging system we will be able to adjust the rate of charge. This is not a self-sustaining system, as with all-electric motors you will consume more energy than you produce, so you will still at some point need to recharge completely. But what I hope it will do is solve the electric car paradox. And that is to achieve more range and power you need more batteries, which adds more weight and therefore requiring more energy to move it. If I can get the same range or better with 12 batteries as I can with 24 batteries, right there I have shaved over $1k on the conversion cost. And the car weighs less and takes less energy to push it. And smaller battery packs means more effective charging rates.So if we can bring down the conversion costs while making the car as efficient or more than it will all be worth while. Now only if I could get Kevin Costner to donate some of his chemical free batteries and about $6,000 to build my car I can show people how it works instead of just talking about it.