President Obama today ousted top US Commander in Afghanistan General Stanley McChrystal. Saying his scathing public remarks published in Rolling Stone undermines civilian control of our military. President Obama named General David Petraeus to take over McChrystal’s duties. President Obama was gracious in his praise of McChrystal’s service to the nation, but concluded that the job in Afghanistan can not be done under McChrystal’s leadership. Though Obama is taking some serious heat from the right, (when doesn’t he) and as much as I respect McChrystal as a Man who stands on his principles and says whats on his mind, I have to side with the President on this one.
1 We are at war. 2 Our military has always been a civilian controlled military and 3 there can not be any dissension in the leadership ranks especially in a time of war. Sun Tzu was very clear on this matter. And this goes beyond free speech. It is a fundamental component of warfare. McChrystal knows and understands this better than any of us ever could.