It seems just like yesterday I would turn on the TV and be inundated with news of the oil spill, I remember all the angry disillusioned people demanding to know what happened. I remember all the boycott signs, and all the finger-pointing. I remember promises of getting to the bottom of this matter to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. That was 1989 and the Exxon Valdez disaster and that was only 10.8 million gallons. I remember do you? How many of you said then exactly what you’re saying now? It’s no wonder that we continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. It’s impossible to learn from our mistakes when we forget them so easily. And that’s my fear will happen with this situation. The longer the spill continues the more empathic we will become with the situation, until it’s not even a foot note on the nightly news. And a few years down the road, after our collective amnesia has set in, we will have another environmental catastrophe and we will once again take up our verbal arms and keyboard ammo and rage against the powers to be. We will do this simply because we know no better. Lately the gusher has unfolded into a new trend, us blaming us, I don’t mean people blaming our government or corporations, I mean laying blame with the consumer and not the company. I admit it I too pointed a finger once or twice. But I had put a lot of thought into our oil dependency and addiction, and now I am thinking along a different path. We are not so much as addicted to oil, as much as we don’t seem to have any viable options. Check out my other posts and find out how you can convert your current car into an electric car for pennies on the dollar of what a new car costs.