So here’s the general plan. I started looking into double shafted dc motors 72volt or better. I think by pressing a 10″ pullet to the shaft I can mount two alternators to turn off a serpentine belt. The motor and controller will be powered by 2 independent battery packs. Here’s the tricky part, The battery packs are going to be 6 12volt deep cycle batteries. The question is How long would it take for one High output alternator charge that battery pack? 1 alternator is putting out over 300 amps. So given that a car battery charger charges at something like 10 amp rates, and takes a couple of hours to charge enough to turn the crank. If my math is correct I should be able to charge the bank back up to full in about 45 minutes on the highway at full rpms. For those of you that are going to jump on the perpetual motion bandwagon it doesn’t apply here. It would only apply if I were using electrical force from the dc motor to spin the stator in the alternator to create electricity to feed back to the batteries. But I’m not doing that. I am converting mechanical energy from the spinning motor shaft to spin the stator. Now if someone could show me how to wire the alternator to the cars charging system that would be awesome