It first came to me a few years ago as a vague idea. But at the time I was too busy with work and paying the bills and squeezing out what little happiness I could find in dark dark times. When the jobs dried up I was like most of the people in my field, out of work and a very bleak outlook on the coming years. So what does an out of work machinist living in the Midwest do? Spend about the first 8 or 9 months begging and pleading for a job that pays decent and you can retire with. Then you spend the next year or so begging for anything that will bring in any kind of paycheck. And even those jobs at or near minimum wage are increasingly scarce and in my case as with many others like me are over looked for these positions because we are over qualified. Thats when the depression starts to set in. Thats when the anger starts to boil up inside. Its no wonder why we are miserable and unhappy. And then to top it all off we turn on the TV to the single greatest environmental disaster in human history, and its just so disheartening. We are reminded of the 11 men that lost their lives to corporate negligence. We are reminded of the thousands of American workers whose livelihood depends on the Gulf Waters. And we are constantly reminded of how we are all accountable. Now I had intended to convert a car over to electric, since those days of $4.00 for a gallon of gas. But the BP disaster has transformed that dream into something much greater than I had originally anticipated. The anger over BP and the feeling that were trapped with no real viable alternative really got me thinking. And the Dream was Born. That dream is to start a non profit foundation, whose goal is to educate the general public on the advantages of converting to electric. The foundation will set up facilities to perform the conversions, while conducting class workshops open to the general public for a modest affordable fee. The hard truth is that most Americans can not afford to purchase a new electric vehicle, and some professional conversion shops charge as much as $12,000 to convert your existing car.  Most of the lower income families can not absorb these costs. The foundation will lobby for the enough funds to convert and donate 6 cars to lower income families in the first year. Given the average us driver drives 12,000 miles a year. So the American driver on average spends roughly $1,400 a year calculated at $3.00 a gallon. Added to the near 1,200 the average American driver spends on maintaining the internal combustion engine. That equals a modest saving of $2,600 a year. Those families earning minimum wage would benefit more greatly than those at the higher pay spectrum. The goal of the foundation should not only be environmentally conscious, but socially conscious as well. The effect of the foundation will be profound as well as immediate. The one effect that it will have immediately is relief. Both financial and emotional. The guilt we all feel when we fill up at the pump, along with the resentment of the exorbitant prices all vanishes immediately. And it will promote goodwill in desperate times. The pay it forward factor has unlimited potential. The Foundation’s second goal will be to educate young people on the alternatives to fossil fuels before they begin driving. In other words stem the addiction before it takes hold. The center will strive to educate all people, on alternative energies for both vehicles and our homes. While the centers educational goals will be to introduce and prepare students for employment opportunities in clean energy. The foundation will also teach self reliance, and freedom from high costs of living, and simple steps to improve quality of life. I know its silly, but its my dream. Now I just need direction on how to make it happen.